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If your company has yet to embrace AI, you’re in a race against the clock. And by my calculations, you have just three years left.

How did I arrive at 2024 as the deadline for AI adoption? My prediction — formulated with KUNGFU.AI advisor Paco Nathan — is rooted in us noticing that many futurists’ J curves show innovations typically have a 12-to-15-year window of opportunity, a period between when a technology emerges and when it reaches the point of widespread adoption.

While AI can be traced to the mid-1950s and machine learning dates back to the late 1970s, the concept of deep learning was popularized by the “AlexNet” paper published in 2012. Of course, it’s not just machine learning that started the clock ticking.

Though cloud computing was initially introduced in 2006, it didn’t take off until 2010 or so. The rise of data engineering can also be traced to the same year. The original paper for Apache Spark was published in 2010, and it became foundational for so much of today’s distributed data infrastructure.

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