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The chances are that no matter who your perfect customer is, they’re on Facebook. With 2 billion active users per month and 22 billion ad clicks per year, Facebook Ads are the biggest advertising opportunity for businesses, since search.

Unfortunately it’s easy to waste money on Facebook Ads if you don’t know what you’re doing, but that’s where we come in. Please talk to us before you click the ‘BOOST POST’ button!

Facebook Ads Drive Action

We create and then test your ad campaigns in order to zero in on the most engaging creative and the best performing audiences. Once we have this data, we can scale up to get you the leads, sales or brand awareness that you need.

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Once this has been done, we will create a Facebook Ads strategy for your approval – and then we’ll get to work to get you the sales and leads that you need.

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The Benefits Of Facebook Ads

  • A Cost Effective Way To Get In Front Of Your Customers

    Facebook Ads are super cheap, costing a fraction of other online marketing channels. With Facebook Ads you can reach 1000 people withjust 25 cents, compared to 75 cents on LinkedIn and $2.75 on Google Ads.

  • Laser Focused Targeting Capabilities

    The targeting capabilities of Facebook are pretty exceptional. You can choose your audience by browsing behaviour, interests, demographics, connections, age ranges, languages and locations, layering each attribute to ensure that your Ads reach your ideal customers and avoid any out-of-market clickers.

  • Facebook Remarketing

    Facebook also has incredible remarketing capabilities, which means that you can show Ads to people who have already visited your site. On average only 4% of site visitors convert before leaving, so if you’re not remarketing you’re losing out on lots of customers!

  • Facebook Remarketing

    Once you find an audience that is converting well you can clone it using the Lookalike Audience feature. Facebook will reach new people who are similar to your converting audience – in other words, they’re likely to love your business or product too!

  • Instagram

    As Facebook owns Instagram, we can use all of Facebooks laser focused targeting tools to get your business in front of customers on Insta too!

Our Facebook Ads Work

Terry Kneeshaw Art

1160% ROAS

Terry Kneeshaw wanted to sell artwork prints to people buying gifts in the run up to Christmas.

We used targeted Facebook Ads, Lookalike Audiences and Re-Marketing Lists to drive traffic to the e-commerce store, optimizing the campaign for conversions. The result was a massive 1160% return on ad spend.

Tees Valley Mitsubishi

Big Ticket Sales

Tees Valley Mitsubishi promote a Used Car every week using Facebook Ads. We use Facebook’s targeting tools to get the chosen car in front of the demographic most likely to buy the particular make and model. This creates a high level of engagement, generating interest in the car and increasing website traffic.

The £19,900 Range Rover was sold following one of our campaigns.

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