Video Production

Video is a versatile promotional tool.

A Company Video can be used on your website, across social media channels, at trade shows, networking events, presentations and on TV screens around your premises.

Our work

We recently produced a company video for Appletree Joinery which perfectly showcases their size, workmanship and manufacturing capability. The filming took place across their three factories on Aycliffe Business Park and includes an interview with Managing Director John Pardoe.

What we do

Unlike written content, which has to be read and processed, video content let’s customers sit back and digest the information. It is quicker for customers to watch a video than to read an article and thanks to smartphones and tablets, they can watch and share content on the go.

Video content also has significant SEO benefits. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and increasingly, YouTube videos appear on Google’s search results pages, getting your business in front of potential customers.

How we do it

Just Think can produce a company video that can help you to engage with existing customers, as well as opening the door to potential new customers. With platforms such as YouTube, your products and services can be marketed to a global audience.

We know how to write, what to write, and how to present it.
Whether you’re looking for product awareness, health and safety, induction or training films, we have the knowledge, experience and technical skills to bring your ideas to life on the small screen.

Just Think can help with your Video Production.

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