Television Advertising

“As seen on TV…”

More than 80% of the UK population watch TV every day. Identifying the appropriate advertising medium(s) and targeting the ‘right’ audiences is now easier than ever! Or is it? There are plenty of options available but everyone will tell you theirs is the best. It maybe that traditional TV advertising would be best for you. However your budget may not stretch to it.

What we do

With the proliferation of channels, advertisers need sophisticated data on viewer habits and audience profiles to ensure their TV commercials are reaching the right people at the right time. Television advertising may not be the obvious choice for most small businesses. However, there are off-peak packages available and with options like Video On Demand and Sky ADSMART now offering effective targeting (with interactive and measured response in ‘specified and/or local’ areas) TV is within reach of most, if not all businesses.

Our team are specialist’s work on your behalf, not the media’s, and it’s our job to identify the right option(s) then manage the booking(s) and measure the results; so we do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

How we do it

Just Think can help by combining good creative with targeted planning and buying enabling you to reach these large audiences in a cost effective way to generate a return on your investment.

We created an animated TV Commercial for our client “easigrass – the artificial grass company”, which brought their famous grass-covered easibugs to life. The commercial sought to maximise awareness of the brand and their synonymous easibug vehicles.

Just Think looked after the whole process from initial storyboarding through to production, clearcast management as well as booking the airtime.

The resultant video footage could also be used as promotional tool on your website, across social media channels, at trade shows, networking events, presentations and even on TV screens around your premises (if you have them). Video content let’s customers sit back and digest the information but also has significant SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) benefits.

Just Think of us for all your TV Planning, Buying and Production needs (including video production).

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