Press Advertising

“What’s black and white and read all over?’

Whether it’s a newspaper, periodical, Trade publication or Magazine, Just Think can help you achieve huge brand exposure on a local or national scale.


What we do

Just Think can develop the campaign strategy, design the adverts and plan/book the publications, helping you buy better, more effective press/print campaigns without the hassle! Display ads, classifieds or even banner adverts on the publication’s website, they are all food and drink to us.
Just Think of us as your press partners.


How we do it

We work smart and hard to give you what you want, on time and to budget. Good Media Planning and Buying is about…

  • Knowing who you want to talk to
  • Selecting the best media combination to maximise your audience reach
  • Then negotiating and buying the best times/space to talk to your audience as often and as cost effectively as possible

We talk to the media daily so we know how to make it happen. We know the currencies they trade in and, because we’ve worked in media, we know the right questions to ask to ensure we are buying effectively. Also, because we have such regular contact we get to know whether what’s on offer is truly competitive. Any savings we negotiate are passed directly to you, the client, as we work on the commission given to us by the media.

Just Think of us as your Press Partner.

Talk to us today… We’d be happy to provide you with an estimate for our work! Simply call 01325 311999, complete our contact form or email us directly at