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Using Chat Bots to increase leads & sales for your business

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What Is A Chat Bot?

A Chat Bot is a virtual assistant which communicates through text messages, chat forms on your website, or instant messenger platforms like Facebook Messenger, helping you get closer to your customers.

Gartner forecasts that by 2020, over 85% of customer interactions will be handled without a human.

What Can A Chat Bot Do For Your Business?

Improve customer service.

Chat Bots are an excellent option for businesses who don’t want their customers to have to wait for an operator to answer — “Stay on the line, your call is very important to us,” is always irritating, right? – and for businesses who don’t want their customers to have to scroll through endless pages of FAQ’s to find what they need.

Streamline the shopping process.

It only takes a moment for a customer to type what they are looking for, and the Chat Bot can send the information directly to your sales department. The Chat Bot will also remember your customer’s preferences and will use this information when they return.

Personalize communication.

A Chat Bot can answer your customer’s specific questions instead of displaying a long list of information. This is important because the more attention a customer gets the greater their desire will be to buy something from you.

Improve response rates.

A massive 90% of questions sent to Facebook business pages remain unanswered. A Chat Bot will respond to 100% of messages, making your business more appealing to customers, and converting more of your visitors into buyers.

Automate repetitive tasks.

Most customers want to get answers to the same questions — When are you open? Where are you based? Do you deliver? A Chat Bot can reduce your workload by saving time on answering the same questions over and over again.

Using Chat Bots To Drive Sales

Chat Bots are not just a way of making your life easier – they are a way of driving sales to your business, through Messenger Ads.

Facebook Messenger is the fourth most downloaded App on the app store, and has 1.3 billion users, who send 8 billion messages every month.

There are two key reasons for running messenger ads:

  1. The customer might have a “sales objection,” which they need answering before they are willing to purchase.

A lot of people won’t pick up the phone and ask the question these days and will instead just abandon the sale. Messenger is an informal way to start a conversation and overcome their objection to purchasing.

  1. Once a customer interacts with your bot they are counted as a messenger subscriber, which is similar to getting an email lead.

Just as capturing an email allows you to send regular newsletters to your customers, getting a customer into your chat flow allows you to send them promotional messages via messenger.

Chat Bot Tips: creating a great Chat Bot experience

Give your chat bot a persona.

Use customer personas to understand the behaviour of particular user groups, and what they expect from your website and your business. Create a personality, which not only resonates well with these groups but is also engaging and fun.

Use waiting time.

Waiting adds an additional “human factor” to the conversation. When people talk to each other, the response time can be very random; people don’t always respond exactly upon receiving a message. Waiting time can also ensure that the user has time to process the information that the chat bot provided.

Perform A/B tests.

Create multiple versions of the bot and measure the results to see which elements work best.

Avoid a wall of text. 

As with blog posts, seeing huge blocks of text can be overwhelming. Test your messaging app on as many devices as possible, check the messages on different screen sizes, and use emojis every now and then to break up the text that your customers see.

Ready to start using Chat Bots to automate your business?

We can create the perfect chat bot to save you time, increase your customer engagement and help you to generate more sales and leads for your business. Contact Just Think today and let’s get started!


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