Fosterplus Corporate Re-Brand

Fosterplus is an Independent Fostering Agency who needed a re-brand to make their corporate identity and company literature more corporate.

The Brief

Fosterplus came to us initially needing a full re-brand to use in the development of company-wide literature, merchandise and stationery. The brief was to create a corporate brand, which incorporated their “Billy” emblem, with distinctive company colours that was also child friendly due to the company being an Independent Fostering Agency. Billy was a character used by Fosterplus to engage with the children so he was an important element that needed to be retained.

The Solution

The original logo styling had “Billy” stood next to Fosterplus logo without any real explanation so we decided initially that Billy needed a stand for a reason why he was seen as representing the children/the care offered by Fosterplus.

The Result

We used the acronym BILLY to create a stand for with Carers making “Billy” stand for:

  • Being a positive
  • Influence in the
  • Life of a
  • Looked-after
  • Young person.

We then incorporated BILLY into the logo (rather than having him standing next to it) so that whenever Fosterplus was seen BILLY was there. This also made the logo styling easier to use in all aspects.

The team at Just Think have exceeded all our expectations with their levels of speed, attention to detail and customer service, We have a collaborative relationship and know we can rely on Lauren and Liz to support us through the ever increasing busy times. Lauren always goes above and beyond and is a pleasure to work with.

Sally Le-FeverBell, Head of Group Recruitment at PICS

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