Our Easigrass – The Artificial Grass Company commercial is being broadcast on ITVPlayer London now.

The No1 home-grown artificial grass company, Easigrass are the first artificial grass company to be advertised on television within the UK.


Focusing on the quintessential brand motif, the Easibug, a grass-covered Smart car, this 00:30 second high-impact ad tells the story of four animated bug cars who are laughing on the top of a hill while a poor old human huffs and puffs mowing the lawn.

According to Managing Director of the Easigrass Group worldwide, Anthony J. Gallagher:-

“I am extremely proud that Easigrass is in a position to be airing our first pilot advertising campaign via a UK terrestrial broadcaster. As the forerunner in this ever-growing sector, it is right and proper that Easigrass is paving the way by being the first company to advertise to a UK television-viewing audience.

“The Easigrass brand has become synonymous with our in-house vehicles called Easibugs, depicted in the advert as each having distinctive male and female characteristics. Easibugs make people smile when they see them in the street, which helps us with both top-of-mind awareness and brand recognition. We are confident enough as a business to enjoy our brand without forgetting that the Easigrass brand name exudes a commitment to excellence at all levels. I look forward to seeing and hearing feedback from customers new and old, as well as via social media channels,” added Gallagher

Head to the Easigrass website to watch the commercial! www.easigrass.com


We’ve got some visitors in our car-park today… can you guess what they’re going to be?



Outdoor/OOH advertising, such as billboards and bus stop posters, are conceived to be a more traditional media platform. However, in the last few years, outdoor advertising has come on leaps and bounds and is now more technologically advanced and interactive than ever.

There are many benefits of outdoor advertising such as:

Fast Cover Build: a heavy weight campaign would provide high cover build in week 1 reaching 80% of the audience and by week two is giving the frequency of the campaign

Contextual Placement: being located in the right place at the right time – people connect with visual advertising

It’s always on! Outdoor messages are present 24/7, so whatever the time of day or night, the message is seen by the audience

In recent years, more and more brands are pushing the boundaries between outdoor advertising and social media, especially twitter. The two can be used together to encourage interaction and engagement and use a # to display messages or images from the public on relevant screens, buildings and OOH mediums. Examples of this can be seen in places such as Times Square, Trafalgar Square and also at events such as festivals, football matches and gigs where live twitter feeds are displayed to encourage interaction with relevant brands/events. Some brands are also running competitions on social media where competition entry winners’ photographs can be published on billboards and other OOH mediums.

Outdoor advertising has often been perceived as a more laid back or passive approach to marketing, but with the new advances and interactive features, it is becoming more dynamic and advanced than ever before.

To find out what Out-Of-Home media could benefit your business, get in touch today. Just Think of the opportunities…

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