Many businesses appear unaware of how to use new social media to encourage audience reach, although many are using platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, there are other which are allowing potential clients to slip through the cracks. These other platforms are considered too complex and are undervalued, social networking services such as Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr and Linked In are extremely useful in reaching new clients and are being entirely neglected by some companies.

Instagram and Flickr in particular are considered difficult, due to the fact that they appear purely image based and users often fear that they cannot produce enough content. This initial fear is, however, unnecessary as once a strategy is devised content is a lot simpler to produce and remain on top of than it first appears.

Another service which users can find confusing and difficult to manoeuver is Pinterest, this site allows you to showcase the previous work that you have done with other clients, company development plus, your offers and products. Each of these networking sites boast a huge amount of business user accounts, from plumbing services to car dealerships, the quantity of businesses utilising these sites remains unrealised by those who aren’t online savvy, however with guidance, even the most technologically challenged individual can build an extensive online presence.

Developing a strategy is key to success, building aim and focus in the areas of client demographics and the brand image you wish to portray. Here at Just Think Marketing we can help you see the opportunities that exist via social networking sites. Give us a call and whatever your business, we’ll help develop and implement a social media strategy that suit your company’s objectives.

The ever-strengthening presence and influence of social media has reached a new height in the wake of the impressive online take over of the ‘No Make-Up Selfie’ in aid of cancer awareness. This global trend encouraged women to take a photograph of themselves wearing no make-up and to donate to a cancer charity, participants then hash tagged the photograph and nominated other women to do the same, very quickly this became a global phenomenon. The hash tag trend spanned over many social networking sites, as well as Twitter and Facebook, and also attracted the attention of many celebrities, encouraging stars such as Holly Willoughby to join the campaign.
It was first believed that the charity organisation ‘Cancer Research UK’ had lead this campaign as a marketing strategy, however it has been revealed that this is not the case. The founder of the trend is an 18-year-old woman, inspired by Kim Novak appearing at the Oscars without any make-up. The impressive feat earned Cancer Research UK a whopping £8 million in just six days, according The Guardian the charity will now be able to carry out ten more clinical trails due to the influx of donations directly triggered by the social media trend.
Members of our own team here at Just Think, a full service marketing agency, were inspired to participate by the campaign and have donated in aid of Cancer Research UK and MacMillan Cancer Support.

Although it may seem slightly cliché for Just Think to preach the necessity of working with an advertising agency, choosing to work with us will strengthen the reputation of your brand and the crucial work done by our agency can seriously improve your business exposure.

Advertising has always been a key aspect of any prospering business and the role that it plays is quite self-explanatory, as more people become aware of your business, the amount of potential clients and customers dramatically increases. As offered by Just Think, there are many routes to take in order to strengthen the advertising of your business, ranging right through from the timeless and ever-popular mediums of print, radio and television, to the modern mediums of online presence, including the design and upkeep of websites and social media strategies.

The time and cost of advertising and marketing a business is often underestimated, the decision to work with our advertising agency will allow you as a business owner to receive as little or as much assistance as you require. Whether you are unclear of your business brand and image or if you already have a strong concept and are perhaps looking for help in one area, such as website design for example, the team here at Just Think can assist you in those areas and more.

Here at Just Think, we pride ourselves on being approachable and accommodating, so if you’re interested increasing your exposure to potential clients, strengthening your brand reputation or any other marketing services, then please get in touch!

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